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Investment Philosophy

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Our investment philosophy

  • Focusing on asset allocation – the primary source of risk and return relative to market index
  • Systematic, model-driven investment process – asset class allocations are determined based on our model’s return forecasts
  • Managing downside risk – portfolios include tactical component designed to reduce the risk of significant downside

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Our unique approach…

Our forward-looking approach to asset allocation 

  • We allocate to asset class(es) with the best expected risk/return combination, primarily by investing in liquid, low-cost index ETFs.
  • Allocations are determined based on mid-term expected returns (for strategic) and short-term return forecasts (for tactical allocations). Over 20 fundamental factors are utilized in the models.
  • This systematic, model-driven tactical investment process minimizes subjectivity

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Results in…

Investment performance is direct result of how successful our forecasting is. Learn more about our investment strategies.


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