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Financial planning tools are free to use on our Model Capital Services platform

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Your Custom Platform

A private-labeled, customized turnkey advisor platform.

Includes all free advisor tools, plus:


Compare portfolios side-by-side

Create, test, manage your strategies

Trading (select custodians)

Customize appearance and functionality

Fees: 25 bps on managed assets, with $400/month minimum

Managed Portfolios

Our strategic portfolios are available to turnkey platform clients:

Dynamic: portfolios include 15%-22.5% tactical sleeve that adds risk management

Risk-based portfolios ranging from Income to Growth-Plus

Target-date portfolios suitable for retirement accounts

Built from low-cost index ETFs

Fees: 50 bps on managed assets

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Fees exclude trading commissions and custody fees. Fees are billed quarterly. The platform is integrated with the following custodians: Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Trust Company of America, and Interactive Brokers. If you use other custodians and want them added, please contact us.

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