Q & A

Q: What asset classes do you manage?

A: We manage tactical strategies. The portfolios can include ETF or index fund investments in one or multiple asset classes including U.S. large-cap equities, fixed income, and/or cash equivalents. As opposed to buy-and-hold, or core mandates, a tactical strategy alters asset allocation over time. Our Tactical Growth strategies allocate up to 100% of assets to equities (risk-on allocation) or to fixed-income or cash equivalents (risk-off), attempting to limit downside if our models determine risk assets to be unattractive. Asset class categorization of tactical varies – some institutions have a top-level Tactical category (along with Equities and Fixed Income), others place it under Alternatives, yet others under Balanced.

Q: What’s your performance? How did your strategies perform in the 2020 downturn?

A: The strategies did very well in 2020 and protected against the entire downturn. Their performance may be see in their respective fact sheets.

Q: How can an advisor/wealth manager access your asset management services? 

A: Our strategies are available on several investment platforms such as Envestnet and Assetmark.

Q: What’s the cost of your asset management services?

A: The cost is determined based on the AUM, the particular SMA/UMA investment platform, and the level of service customization (if any). It is affordable for most RIAs/ advisors/ wealth managers who would like to outsource the management of their Tactical allocations. Please email us for more information.

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