May 31, 2015 | Post by: Roman Chuyan, CFA Comments Off on The Biggest Problem for Active Investors –

The Biggest Problem for Active Investors –

– is not the economy or geopolitics. It is their own sentiment. The current mild market weakness has many investors concerned and selling stocks. In recent years, most times this happened, the market “whip-sawed” back up.

Investors make decisions based on subjective opinions of the experts – or their own – that are influenced by current headlines. There is no shortage of negative news – the upcoming interest rate lift-off by the Fed, and ISIS advances in the Middle East. Last year, armed conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza and the spread of Ebola dominated headlines. That’s why many investors and active managers were too negative, and missed the upside in 2014. An active/tactical investment management strategy cannot succeed based on opinions; instead, a consistent process is required that can measure the effect of real fundamental data.

At Model Capital, our fundamental, forward-looking approach to tactical investment management accurately detected economic strength in 2014 that allowed our strategies to take advantage of the rally, and not be whip-sawed by the volatility.

Model Capital Management LLC is a tactical investment manager. Please review the following pages for more information on Model Capital’s unique approach to tactical investment management and our tactical investment models/strategies.

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